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Getting started with a 15KW solar panel system

15KW solar system comes under the cost-effective and efficient range of solar systems. It is ideal for medium to high energy requirements. 15KW solar system works best for home or small-scale commercial places.

Zip Solar promises to deliver top-notch services across Australia. We provide feasible cost options for 15kw solar system installations. Get in touch with us to get the best solar quotes and installation services.

Solar Panel

Solar Panels

15,170W Of Solar Panels Power Output
  • 440W Tier 1 solar module
  • High efficiency solar module
  • Local Australian support
  • Reputed solar brand
  • 30 years of panel linear output warranty
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Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

1 X 15KW Solis Inverter
  • High efficiency
  • Online monitoring (optional)
  • Proven track record
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Panel Mounting Kit

Panel Mounting Kit

Flexible Roof Mounting Solution
  • Available in tin, tile and klip lock
  • Light weight
  • Fully anodised and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install
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Expert Installation

Expert Installation

CEC Accrediated Solar Installers
  • Fast Turn Around

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* Performance Figures are Estimated Based on CEC Guidelines, Please Consult With Our Experts Before Using These Figures For Making a Purchase as it Varies Site by Site

The 15KW Solar Systems across Australia are a selection of some of the most advanced solar power systems. In contrast to other systems on the Australian market, it promises to be a perfect system with optimal pricing and maximum outcome.

The output of a 15kw solar system:

According to Clean Energy Council standards, a 15kW solar system facing north in Sydney will produce an average of roughly 60kWh per day, with more power produced in the summer and less in the winter. A 15kW system may easily supply over 90 kWh of energy on a warm sunny day. Since this is typically too much power for many households, splitting the panel array into two orientations is expected to spread the power output during the day.

Determining the cost of a 15kW solar system

Australia has low prices for solar installations compared to other nations around the globe. When it comes to installing a hefty 15kW solar system, the cost can highly vary. Different cities have different rebates, and other factors that affect the cost of solar installations.

Selecting the appropriate panel

Solar panels harness the sunlight's energy, which transforms into electricity. This is referred to as a photovoltaic power system called solar PV. Panels are available in a variety of different power levels and wattages. There are a variety of brands available as well, and new technology and efficiency are often being developed. So while solar panels appear identical, the power levels, quality, and reliability can vary dramatically. A rooftop that is wholly exposed is the ideal place for solar.

If that's not possible, ensure that the panels are set up in the most sun-friendly location. Choosing the right solar panel can significantly reduce your investment and offer better performance. Zip Solar can help you find the best solar panel for your property. This estimation is for a typical solar system installation and may vary from property to property.

15kW solar system financial returns

Use most of your energy during daytime hours, when demand and electricity prices are highest, and your savings will grow even more.

A 15kW solar system has an average payback period of 3 to 5 years. However, you'll begin saving as soon as your system generates energy. Hence, the actual savings start as soon as your system is installed.

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