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Getting started with a 30KW solar panel system

Ideal for large, small to medium size businesses our 30KW solar system is an excellent choice. It offers a high-quality alternative to traditional power sources. If you are planning to install a solar system at your large commercial facility, then a 30KW solar system is the best choice.

The 30kW solar system offered by Zip Solar comes at an affordable price, along with a guarantee of high-quality service.

Solar Panel

Solar Panels

30,295W Of Solar Panels Power Output
  • 440W Tier 1 solar module
  • High efficiency solar module
  • Local Australian support
  • Reputed solar brand
  • 30 years of panel linear output warranty
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Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

1 X 30KW Solis Inverter
  • High efficiency
  • Online monitoring (optional)
  • Proven track record
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Panel Mounting Kit

Panel Mounting Kit

Flexible Roof Mounting Solution
  • Available in tin, tile and klip lock
  • Light weight
  • Fully anodised and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install
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Expert Installation

Expert Installation

CEC Accrediated Solar Installers
  • Fast Turn Around

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* Performance Figures are Estimated Based on CEC Guidelines, Please Consult With Our Experts Before Using These Figures For Making a Purchase as it Varies Site by Site

The output of a 30kw solar system:

Below is an average estimate of how much energy a 30kW solar system will produce per day (over a year) in Australia's capital cities, considering the system's geographic location, daily average sunlight and cloud cover, and panel orientation.

Solar power systems with a capacity of 30 kW are typically used by small to mid-size enterprises with medium energy demands. The 30 kW solar system generates approximately 120-140 units per day, making it ideal for small businesses or large homes with a daily electricity demand of around 150 units. If you're a commercial customer who uses between 119.1 and 181.1 kWh per month, a 30kW solar system could help you save money on your energy bills.

Determining the cost of a 30 kW solar system

Size of a 30 kW solar system

This, too, greatly depends on the type of panels you use. Here are some possibilities of panel sizes that business owners could use to build a 30kW system:

Due to falling technological costs and the STC government incentive scheme for systems under 100kW in output capacity, the price of small-scale commercial solar systems has dropped considerably in Australia during the last few years.

A 30kW solar system will undoubtedly cost differently depending on the solar company from which you purchase it. A 30 kW solar system price would vary state by state.

30kW solar system financial returns

A 30 kW solar system generates up to an estimated 150 units per day. A high-quality 30 kW system will repay on investment within 3 to 6 years if you continue to create and use the electricity as needed. Thus, this system is best suited for businesses with a medium energy usage, who receive annual bills of around $15,000.

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