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Getting started with a 50KW solar panel system

Are you interested in turning your large roof space into a solar-powered space? Choosing a solar system that is capable of taking care of your commercial energy needs is a good idea. This qualifies as a commercial energy system. You may be able to significantly reduce your energy bills with a 50KW solar system.

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Solar Panel

Solar Panels

50,215W Of Solar Panels Power Output
  • 440W Tier 1 solar module
  • High efficiency solar module
  • Local Australian support
  • Reputed solar brand
  • 30 years of panel linear output warranty
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Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

30kW + 10kW + 10kW Solis Inverter
  • High efficiency
  • Online monitoring (optional)
  • Proven track record
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Panel Mounting Kit

Panel Mounting Kit

Flexible Roof Mounting Solution
  • Available in tin, tile and klip lock
  • Light weight
  • Fully anodised and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install
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Expert Installation

Expert Installation

CEC Accrediated Solar Installers
  • Fast Turn Around

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* Performance Figures are Estimated Based on CEC Guidelines, Please Consult With Our Experts Before Using These Figures For Making a Purchase as it Varies Site by Site

A 50kW solar system comes with advanced, high-efficiency oriented solar panels, a solar inverter, solar accessories, and, in specific scenarios, solar batteries. This high-capacity generation system is typically installed on commercial buildings or in high-demand areas.

The output of a 50kw solar system:

A 50kW solar system assists in achieving complete energy independence while also lowering your energy bill expenses. A 50kW solar system can produce 6000 units each year. That energy may be enough to power your institutes, medium scale, business, hotels, and other estates and properties.

Given the climatic and seasonal changes across the country, the average daily output by a 50KW solar system in different cities in kWh is as follows:

In Australia, 50kW is one of the most common solar system sizes for commercial solar applications. Grid electricity prices have risen considerably in recent years, and many businesses are increasingly turning to solar power to save costs. Many essential factors will determine whether or not you require a 50kW solar system.

Suppose you're a Commercial/Industrial customer who uses between 201.2 and 301.9 kWh per month. In that case, a 50kW solar system could be a suitable option to help you save money on your energy bills. Installing a 50kW solar energy system to run your medium businesses will significantly reduce your power bills and increase your profitability over time. Commercial solar power systems reduce your business's carbon footprint while lowering your energy costs. As a result, switching to solar can boost your sustainability, brand reputation, and future payback prospects.

Determining the cost of a 50kW solar system

Size of a 50kW solar system

A 50kW solar system will undoubtedly cost differently depending on the solar company from which you purchase it.

50kW solar system financial returns

Solar power systems with 50 kilowatts are suited for medium to big businesses with fewer than 500 kilowatts daily energy use. You'll be eligible for the government's Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) refund if you invest in this solar product and we will provide you with an upfront discount on the product by obtaining on assignment of these STC to us.

Your energy bill will be drastically reduced if you offset 200kWh of electricity each day. As a result, your overhead costs will be diminished, and your net profit will rise.

Because the 50kW solar system generates much more energy, investing in solar battery storage can help you reduce your energy expenses and enhance the value of your solar system.

The average payback period for 50 kW solar systems in Australia is approximately 4 years. Depending on your location, energy usage, and consumer preferences, the system can potentially repay in as little as three years or even up to as long as five years.

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