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What is a hybrid solar system and why is it preferred?

As solar power systems become homeowner's essential addition to the property, engineers race to design and develop more strategies that maximize energy returns and improve the efficiency of solar systems. One such advancement is the advent of hybrid solar systems, a term you should familiarise yourself with if you look to increase the benefits that going solar holds for you.

Many property owners and solar investors have looked to prefer hybrid solar systems due to the outweighing benefits. Solar hybrid power systems provide a win-win situation: You get the grid's electricity supply plus the opportunity to store your excess solar energy in a battery for usage when the sun isn't shining. If the power goes out, you can also use your battery reserves.

The energy generated by solar panels must be converted to power for usage when they are installed. There are multiple options for approaching this: you can stay connected to the grid, go entirely off-grid, or use a hybrid solar system.

Hybrid solar panel systems function similarly to grid-connected solar panel systems in a way that they use batteries to store energy for later consumption. Because of this capacity to store energy, most hybrid systems can also function as a backup power supply during an outage.

How does a Hybrid Solar System work?

When you have a hybrid solar system, your solar power systems are still connected to the grid's power cables, and you have a backup battery system to store excess energy. The energy collected by the solar panels from the sun is converted into practical electricity via an inverter. Electricity is then directed to your home, your batteries, or perhaps the grid.

A hybrid solar system operates by delivering solar energy to the inverter, which further directs energy to your home. Additional energy not utilized to power your property is stored in the battery.

When the solar panels are not producing energy, this battery can provide electricity your home with power. If there is still energy remaining after all of these phases, it is transmitted to the grid.

If you use up all of the power in your battery, you can draw power from the electrical grid with a hybrid solar system.

Is it better to install a hybrid solar system than to go entirely off-grid?

You will have a backup battery to keep your energy usage going when you're entirely off the grid. A hybrid solar system can be powered by either the battery or the grid. If you overuse your battery power using a hybrid solar energy system, the grid connection will help provide power until you can generate your own again. You may find yourself without electricity during outages if you do not have this backup option.

Advantages of having a Hybrid Solar System

  1. The advantage of hybrid solar systems is that they can store solar energy.
  2. It is now possible to use solar energy during peak usage hours.
  3. They have the potential to be used for efficient energy management.
  4. Allows for energy production and usage independence.
  5. It is an excellent strategy to cut grid power consumption.

Our Hybrid Solar installation has demonstrated strong reputation of lowering (in many cases, eliminating and even crediting) our individual customers' power bills. The flexibility and control with a hybrid system can boost your return on investment by fulfilling your significant electricity needs.

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