Step by step guide to availing solar systems with small scale technology certificates

May 14, 2024

Small scale technology certificates, or STCs, play a pivotal role in Australia's effort to boost renewable energy adoption. Created under the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme, these certificates act as an incentive to encourage homeowners and businesses to install eligible renewable energy systems.

What is STC?

STCs are created based on the amount of electricity a system is expected to produce or displace. Essentially, the more energy your system can generate, the more STCs you can earn.

This setup is part of the broader STC rebate framework, designed to lower the upfront costs associated with going solar.

Step 1: Assess Eligibility for the STC Rebate

The first step in leveraging the STC rebate scheme is to confirm your eligibility. Your solar installation must meet specific requirements outlined by the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

This includes using approved products and components, and the installation must be carried out by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer.

Step 2: Understand the Value of STCs

The value of small scale technology certificates fluctuate based on market conditions of supply and demand. The number of certificates you receive depends on factors like your installation's location, the size of the system, and the amount of electricity it is deemed to produce over a set period.

Step 3: Install Your Solar System

Once eligibility is confirmed and you understand how many STCs your system could generate, the next step is the installation. Ensure that the solar provider you choose is aware of all requirements under the STC government rebate program to facilitate a smooth process.

Step 4: Claim Your STCs

After installation, your solar provider typically claims the STCs on your behalf and offers you an upfront discount on your invoice equivalent to the value of the STCs.

This process is sometimes referred to as the Australian government solar rebate, as it significantly lowers the cost barrier to installing solar technology.

Step 5: Ongoing Benefits

Besides the initial financial benefit received from the STC rebate, your solar system will continue to provide savings by reducing your electricity bills. It's a long-term investment that supports both your financial goals and the environment.

Step 6: Compliance and Documentation

Maintain all documentation related to your solar system installation and STC claim. This documentation is crucial for warranty claims, resolving disputes, and verifying compliance with government regulations.

Leveraging Financial Markets for STCs

Once you have secured your small scale technology certificates, understanding the market where these certificates are traded is essential. The price of STCs varies based on supply and demand dynamics in the renewable energy certificate market.

Engaging with a knowledgeable broker can help you navigate this market effectively to maximize the financial return from your certificates.

Renewable Energy Targets and Environmental Impact

The STC scheme is not just financially beneficial; it also plays a significant role in helping Australia meet its renewable energy targets.

By installing a solar system, you contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and help combat climate change. This broader environmental impact is a compelling reason for many households to participate in the STC scheme.

Monitoring and Maintaining Your Solar System

After installing your solar system and availing the initial STC benefits, regular maintenance is vital to ensure its efficiency and longevity.

Periodic checks can identify and rectify any potential issues, ensuring that the system continues to function optimally and safely. This proactive approach not only safeguards your investment but also ensures continuous energy savings.

Future Prospects and Expanding Benefits

Looking ahead, the value of integrating solar systems with other renewable solutions, such as wind or geothermal, could enhance the benefits of the STC scheme.

As technology advances and more renewable options become viable, there could be additional incentives and schemes that further support sustainable energy solutions, amplifying the benefits for participants in the STC program.

save to high energy bills with solar stcs


Taking advantage of the Small Scale Technology Certificates when installing a solar system not only helps reduce initial costs but also supports Australia's renewable energy targets. By understanding and utilizing the STC solar rebate and STC government rebate, homeowners can contribute to a sustainable future while enjoying the financial benefits of solar energy. Ensure to consult a qualified professional to maximize your benefits under this scheme.

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